Monday, February 14, 2011

Laughter Yoga Leaders

Trainee Officers 2010 Batch

13 Trainee Officers of the 2010 batch from Bhopal Circle have been awarded internationally recognized certification of "Laughter Yoga Leaders" in a glittering ceremony at the State Bank Learning Centre, Indore. They can now lead laughter yoga sessions independently.

The Laughter Yoga training for them was organized under the auspices of Laughter Club of State Bank Learning Centre, Indore in the morning hours for two weeks. Radhika Bisht and Jagat Singh Bisht, Certified Laughter Yoga Teachers conducted the sessions for them.

The newly certified Laughter Leaders are Manish Lonhare, Arun Kumar Amar, Sandeep Kumar Ghosh, Ram Ratan Meena, Gaurav Agnihotri, Indra Praksh Singhal, Balram Meena, Neha Vashishtha, Ranjitarani Amritraj Majhi, Jasmeet Kaur Sethi, Surbhi Kartikey Chourasia, Subendra Singh (Trainee Officers) and Vijay Saxena, Dy Manager (Systems).    

Distinguished Visitors

Laughter Club of State Bank Learning Centre, Indore

Laughter Club of State Bank Learning Centre, Indore, like all positive and meaningful initiatives in the bank, has the blessings of our beloved Chairman Mr O. P. Bhatt. This morning we had distinguished visitors from Gurgaon, Mrs Suhasini and Mr H C Khanduri (on the extreme right in the photograph), in our club. They loved the session and told us that they had been part of a laughter yoga session for the first time though they had heard about it earlier.

MilkShake Laughter

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Trainee Officers 2010 Batch

Foundation Training Programme
31/01/2011 to 12/02/2011
@SBLC, Indore

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Very Good, Very Good, Yay!

Trainee Officers 2010 Batch 
Defreezing @ SBLC, Indore

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Trip To Mandu

New Entrants in the Bank:  Full of Energy, Imagination and Creativity

Ms Ela Tuli from Bhilai came out with this brilliant and creative idea during a trip to Mandu..

Photo: Bhanwar Purohit